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Mehnaz Malik

Principal Designer and Owner, Natari Design

I am one of those fortunate people who gets to do what she loves every day! What drives me most is knowing that the product of my work has a direct impact on my clients’ lives. To create a space that my clients love, that meets their functional needs and that brings them joy, is the ultimate motivator.

I have a long-standing passion for art and design. I absolutely need to fuel both sides of my brain in order to feel fulfilled and complete. There are few professions that marry these right side/left side skills as perfectly as interior design. 

Prior to pursuing my passion in interior design, I worked for many years in management consulting. My years in the professional services industry helped me establish the pillars that now support my business management practices – client and vendor relationship, project scheduling and issue resolution, managing budgets, timely communication. These “business skills”, coupled with my interior design skills and experience, are what sets me apart. 

The only thing that I love as much as art and design is travel. Born in Pakistan, raised in Montreal, having lived in France and settled in Toronto, I am deeply inspired by culture and diversity, and that has a direct influence on my design work. Fortunately for me, my husband and two children share my passion and our life goal is to travel as much as we possibly can.

I value honesty and authenticity. These principles not only dictate how I live my life and manage my business, but I also harness them in my designs, to create spaces that are not only timelessly beautiful, but that are true to my clients' needs, tastes, and life experiences.